"Learning starts by asking questions and opening up for change.
Change is only possible, once new knowledge leads to a new way of acting."

I accompany and support individuals, teams or organizations in development, learning and change processes.


My approach to coaching is to be a companion and provider of stimuli in a process in which you are the expert for the solution which suits you best - with your individual resources and personal potential.

Expat Coaching

Life as an expat - with extended stays abroad for work or education - offers many new chances and opens up new perspectives, but also requires facing special challenges. I accompany and support you before, during and after moving to another country.

One of my special concerns is the preparation and support for the return home, which is very often more challenging than anticipated.

Intellect - Body - Emotion

Be it in communication, leadership, orientation in a new life and work setting, or finding personal strategies for work life balance... body, mind and soul are ALWAYS all involved.

The interaction of intellect, body and emotion in our behavior and in interpersonal relationships is a great concern of mine and I always integrate these interrelations in my coachings and trainings.